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My name is Karen and for 3 months next year I will be a voluntary worker in Bolivia for the organisation Biblioworks .

Biblioworks http://www.biblioworks.org is a non-profit organisation that promotes education and literacy in communities in need. The organisation is founded on the principle that literacy and education are critical components for the creation and vitality of sustainable communities and cultures. They have built and equipped twelve libraries around the area of Sucre in the Chuiquisaca province of Bolivia.

Biblioworks is dedicated to improving literacy and opening educational doors so that young people will have opportunities to pursue studies and vocations that will allow them to serve their communities in order to develop strategies to eliminate poverty. Biblioworks has a philosophy that where knowledge, literacy, and learning exist, people have the resources they need to solve social issues, maintain and strengthen their cultural identities, as well as to grow their communities.

The library that I will be volunteering at is the Biblioteca Municipal de Tarabuco in a town of 10,000 people about 1½ hrs drive from the city of Sucre.

At Tarabuco I will be helping with reading clubs for children, organising activities that promote reading and literacy, and assisting with English classes.


  1. biblioworks says

    ¡Hola Karen!
    We are thrilled that you will be coming to work with us! Books can change the world.


    • Gracias. Estoy mirando adelante a venir a Bolivia para ser vountaria con BiblioWorks.
      Thank you. I am looking forward to coming to Bolivia to volunteer with BiblioWorks.


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