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P1010267Sucre – city of hills and churches. Wonderful city, full of history, beautiful architecture, and friendly people.

Sucre has been a lovely place to stop for a few days and draw breath. Although I haven’t been sitting around the whole time. After arriving at 9am on Friday I got a taxi to the hostal. Lovely hostal but I was somewhat disconcerted to find my room was on the first floor and I had two 20kg suitcases to lug up the stairs. That certainly made me puff. The altitude here in Sucre hasn’t affected me much but the dry air certainly has. Once I worked out that the dry air plays hell with your sinuses then I was able to do something about it. I was pleased to have flown in so early in the morning as every day since I’ve been here there has been huge lightning and thunder storms in the late afternoon that last for 4 or 5 hours or more. A few heavy downpours of rain but mostly just really loud thunder and huge sheets of lightning.

Friday morning I arrived at the Biblioworks office just in time for breakfast with the staff and other volunteers that were there. Very welcoming and friendly group although I felt somewhat nervous at my very beginner level Spanish. In the afternoon I joined them at the Friday reading session at the central plaza. Great to be involved straight away and when I struggled to read a simple picture book to a child I found that he was able to read it himself with a bit of help from me on the longer words. The plaza is a wonderful place to sit and watch a sample of life in Sucre. Huge contrasts between the working children who were there after school to sell things to contribute a few pesos to their family’s income and the children from obviously wealthier families who are very well dressed and well cared for.


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