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Change of plans

I’m sure this blog post is going to come as a big surprise to my blog followers as it has been to  me. Due to news of major health problems with family in New Zealand, I am on my way back to New Zealand. The news was not entirely unexpected but still came as a big shock. So I’ve spent the last week leaving Tarabuco and making plans to get home.

I’m still very pleased I came to Bolivia and although I’ve only been here for 4 weeks I feel as if I have had so many experiences in that time.

I had such short time in Tarabuco but still managed to implement changes to the library there. In discussion with Biblioworks I hope to continue to contribute to their organization once I am back in New Zealand. I intend to write a report for Biblioworks with recommendations for improvements at the Tarabuco Library. There is also the opportunity to write some sort of training documents for library staff.

I also intend to make a donation for books for the Tarabuco Library with money that was donated to my Books for Bolivia Give a Little page.

I will continue to update this blog with the progress of those activities and a summary of what I did achieve while I was in Bolivia.

This morning I flew from Sucre back to Santa Cruz and I’m now waiting at the airport to meet my Boliviana amiga , Ruby, and spend a couple of days with her before flying back to Santiago and then New Zealand


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