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Donation of Books for Tarabuco Library



New books for Tarabuco Library

Tarabuco Librarian, Jhovana, signing for new books delivered by BiblioWorks Project Co-ordinator, Jhovana.

At last, a photo of the new books being delivered to the Tarabuco Library. Most of them are children’s picture books but there are also some for the older children. As you can see many of the titles are in Spanish but have distinctly European themes. Cinderella, Snow White, and other translations of European fairy tales. It is possible to purchase some children’s reading material published in Bolivia but there is not a great deal available. The library does already have some Bolivian children’s books such as the Libros Infantiles Bolivia series (Kids Books Bolivia) and a few other titles but the libraries and book stores I saw were dominated by non-South American material. Even so, the new books for Tarabuco are bright and colourful and are attractive for the children to read and it’s great to see the modern looking title in the top right of the photo which I’m sure will appeal to the boys in particular. I had been surprised to see how old many of the books in the Tarabuco Library were so it’s lovely to think of these newer, more appealing titles being made available for the children to read.

This delivery of new books for the Tarabuco Library has happened due to the generosity of the people who contributed to my Books for Bolivia project. Thanks to your kind donations I was able to arrange for a collection of new books to be purchased for the library. As you will have read in my previous post, my time in Bolivia was cut short when I needed to return to New Zealand. I am only just now finding some time to be able to think about Books for Bolivia again and I hope I can continue to support BiblioWorks in some way from here in New Zealand.

So, Muchas Gracias for your donations that have enabled this collection of new books for the Tarabuco Library.



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